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Useful Contacts

I'm very fortunate to have worked with and/or been treated by some amazing practitioners over the years. I have learnt so much about myself and the body in general from them, which has not only improved my health and quality of life but I genuinely believe has made me a better teacher. I hope they may be of use to you - I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their details are below:


Lauren and I first met when I was teaching a class in Kensal Rise and she came along as it was down the road from where she worked. We hit of off straight away, and not only has been become a brilliant colleague but also a much cherished friend. She uses a combination of cranial work and cracking, and she has made a huge difference to my physical and mental wellbeing. Lauren works out of different locations in London and Surrey: Kensal Rise and Brackenbury in West London and Egham in Surrey.


e: t:07443 595690


Mike is a genius! He has a very calm and sensible approach to the body and injuries and doesn't mind me asking lots of questions. He has helped me enormously with my ankle flexion and foot mobility which in turn has made a huge difference to my pelvis and he's been very patient with me, helping rehab my knee. His practice is based in Kensington - just off Ken Church Street.


e: t: 07960 991961



Quietly spoken, a gentle soul and a man of few words, until you get to know him better!. Not only is Nazan a ridiculously well qualified Acupuncturist, he's also training to be an Osteopath! He's a fascinating man who I have enjoyed many a conversation with. I credit him for keeping my body healthy and balanced after refusing further hormone treatments for my Endometriosis. He works in Kensal Rise.


e: t: 07858 331626

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