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10.00AM - 1.00PM


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Amy Barder

Pilates Teacher

Marcelle Glantz

Registered Dietitian

Joseph Pilates' principles and beliefs firmly uphold that exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.

“Physical fitness in the first requisite of happiness.”  

What you eat is very much part of that.

Do you want to know more about the theory behind Pilates practice?

Are you worried about your weight?

Have you tried to eat healthily in January, but not really been able to achieve your goal or felt any better?

Are you just fed up with cooking and looking for some inspiration?


During the 3-hour workshop we’ll:


  • Learn more about Pilates' principles giving you a better understanding of the theory for your practise.

  • Take a closer look at some of the original ‘Contrology’ matwork that will help keep your organs healthy.

  • Explore some re-imagined exercises to compliment the original repertoire.

  • Help you understand how best to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

  • Learn how to assess what's on your plate, with some simple changes to improve your nutrition.

  • Understand how mindful eating can help you appreciate food more and create better eating habits.

  • Bust common myths associated with healthy eating.

  • Look at some healthy and tasty recipes.

  • Answer your questions.


You’ll also receive a ‘virtual goody bag’ at the end including some recipe cards.


£60 per person.




10.00am - Welcome

10.10am - Pilates Masterclass begins

11.30am - Short Break

11.40am - Nutrition Masterclass begins

1.00pm - Finish

  • A 1.5 hour Pilates Masterclass for 6 participants

    Started May 12

    25 British pounds